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The latest release of RATSY (v2.1.0) can be downloaded here. We provide a version with precompiled binaries for 64bit and 32bit Linux, as well as a source-only release.

Virtual machine images where RATSY is installed (user name: ratsy, password: ratsy):

  size: 4058124288 Byte = 4.1 GB
  md5sum: a8adf848a3750738d99b4c24f0b9a147
  sha1sum: 15c07be27e4aa063def437e50635c2f54df9fb74

  size: 3839819776 Byte = 3.8 GB
  md5sum: 12ca9912f1f499c8cbcadc5932607dd7
  sha1sum: ab2b0a09b8660470c31a9ac647ff0b16b1e7d1c7

Older releases:

RATSY v.2.0.0

System Requirements

RATSY has been developed under Linux using the Python language and the PyGTK widget toolkit.

RATSY uses the model checkers NuSMV and an enhanced version of Vis for some computations. Binary executable files for both the model checkers are shipped with the provided RATSY package. The executables and shared object files have been compiled under Linux on an x86 architecture (32 and 64 bits, respectively) and will not work on different platforms.

If RATSY is required to be executed on different platforms, it will be necessary to compile the underlying model checkers. To do so, download the source release and follow build instructions.

For running RATSY the following libraries are mandatory:


RATSY is distributed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.1, February 1999 (LGPL), or (at your option) any later version.

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